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Freight Agent Trainer

Freight Agent Trainer

A freight company survives on the number of deliveries shipped every month. Improve your monthly rate with help from a freight agent trainer. Freight broker training programs from Ted Keyes show you how to tackle the basics of marketing and logistics for a more productive company.

What is a freight agent?

Freight agents are the business owners who keep the logistics industry afloat. You could be working from your home or office to coordinate dozens or even hundreds of shipments around the globe every month.

Training gives you insight into the core areas successful agents need:

  • Sales
  • Services
  • Logistics

An agent is the troubleshooter who makes sure the entire system works smoothly. A thorough understanding of the entire business is the only way to stay afloat in an industry with tight deadlines.

Who can train me to become a freight agent?

Learning to become a freight agent is not an easy task. You are growing a business from scratch. This requires the ability to follow through with leads, find qualified truckers and shippers, and schedule shipments to avoid bottlenecks.

The best trainers combine real-world experience with disciplined study in their field. Ted Keyes started trucking in 2008 and spent 12 years moving up the chain. Training courses include insights gained from the height of the last recession.

Do freight agents need to be licensed?

Unlike a freight broker, a freight agent does not need a certificate from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association. The lack of certification does not mean anyone can jump in.

You need to be business savvy and knowledgeable of the industry in general. Dispatching skills, scheduling, technology, and customer services all play a role in your ability to produce results for your clients.

Can I become a freight agent on my own?

While it is possible to become a successful freight agent on your own, there is a large discrepancy between those with stable businesses and those who work paycheck to paycheck.

With an average salary of $41,000, freight agents succeed or fail based on what they know. The help of industry leaders such as Ted Keyes can separate your business from the rest. Get industry knowledge before you even make your first cold call.

How long does freight agent training take?

Agent training takes mentorship, study, and willpower. Our one on one support, guides, and insights come at the pace you choose.

Gain access to the information for more than one team member. We support up to ten people with every session.

Grow your Agent Service with Freight Agent Training

A freight agent trainer gives you the insight you need to flourish in a cutthroat industry. Freight agents coordinate shipments and handle the customer service required for logistics. Our trainers give you access to hard-fought insight.

A thriving freight agent understands sales, customer services, and logistics. Get a handle on the most important aspects of your business with the help of an experienced professional. Get in touch with Ted Keyes Online at 626-309-9141 or through our website.




Freight Agent Trainer

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