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Paw Patrol Mascot Edmonton

Paw Patrol Mascot Edmonton

Paw Patrol is wildly popular with kids of many ages. It makes a great theme for both boys and girls. Princess in the Park can provide a Paw Patrol mascot in Edmonton for your child’s birthday party or any special occasion. We'll help you make this an event to remember!

Reasons Paw Patrol is popular

Paw Patrol is famous all across North America. Even though the show first aired in 2013, it is still a favorite of many. There are reasons it has such appeal to children. One reason is that dogs are well-liked animals, so they make excellent objects to capture the attention of young children. A dog is also an animal most children recognize, even at the young age most Paw Patrol viewers are.

The dogs also prove useful in helping teach lessons to the viewers. A core message of the show is teamwork. The dogs work together as a team to solve problems, which in turn, models this skill for the kids watching. Another way the show’s writers keep kids' attention is through the use of catchy sayings and words that rhyme. Parents also speculate that kids love watching the show since they view the dogs as superheroes since they save people.

Supplies needed for a Paw Patrol themed party

To make your party perfect, make sure you theme the party from top to bottom. Here are some things to consider for the ideal Paw Patrol party.

  • Invitations with pictures of the cast on them
  • Fashion your food to look like doggie treats by using cookie cutters to transform “human food” into things like dog bones
  • Ballon bouquets and banners with pictures of the cast
  • Party favors with images of the gang on them sent home with each guest in a “doggie bag.”

There are countless other ways you can theme and decorate for your party, but these are a few crucial points to hit.

Games and activities for your party

When you have a party, even games must match the theme of the day! Luckily, Paw Patrol provides you with versatile options that you can use. You can take classic games like “Pin The Tail On The Donkey” and turn it into “Pin The Tail On The Doggie." You can use piñatas that look like characters from the show.

If the children are old enough for a higher-level game, you can incorporate the idea of teamwork into an activity. Have the children work together to solve a problem or goal, just like the dogs do on the show.

Why hire a live mascot for your party?

Hiring a live mascot adds one more layer of fun to your party. Young children enjoy getting to interact with characters from their favorite shows. Depending upon what style of entertainment you chose, your mascot can shake hands with the guests or even end up leading them in games or other activities. Our company can provide a Paw Patrol mascot in Edmonton that can provide all of these services and more to your guests!

Provide your child with a fantastic party! Contact Princess in the Park for your Paw Patrol mascot in Edmonton.

Paw Patrol Mascot Edmonton
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Paw Patrol Mascot Edmonton
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